Web Development

While still pursuing my master’s degree I worked with a few smaller organizations to help launch websites. This lead to my joining the International Campaign for Tibet (ICT) shortly after graduation. ICT is a small organization if measured by staff members but large if measured by their reach, with offices in Washington, DC, Berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels with field offices in Nepal and India. However, when I joined in 2011 their web presence was in dire need of reinvention.

I rebuilt the main website (www.savetibet.org), the organization’s blog (weblog.savetibet.org), redesigned the templates for all digital communication to ICT members, and implemented social media best practices. See below for side-by-side examples of ICT’s products from 2011 compared to today.

I also designed and executed the publishing of a number of larger ICT reports. “Has life here always been like this?” reported on the reactions of Chinese citizens while traveling in Tibet. The report required online publishing, a downloadable PDF, and a slideshow of the report’s key findings. “Acts of significant evil” likewise required a special web layout for online publishing, along with infographics and interactive images. These projects were all completed by utilizing custom HTML/CSS, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, and Acrobat.


Acts of significant evil

View the report on www.savetibet.org »

Has life here always been like this?

View the slideshow on www.savetibet.org »


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